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Low-Down's Sharpshooter
Dark Red
Sire: Happytime Acres Pep-R-Oni, Dark Red, 30.25"
Paternal Grandsire: Happytime Acres Firecracker Red, Red, 32.50"
Paternal Granddam: Happytime Acres Pizzaz, Gray-Dun, 32"
Dam: Country Place Diamond Belle, Dark Red, 31.25"
Maternal GrandSire: Country Place Wee Willy, Dark Brown, 29"
Maternal Grandam: Marek's Annabelle, Gray-Dun, 33.50'

I'm excited to have been able to purchase this nice little jack. He has very straight front and back legs, nice rear and even bite and will only improve as he matures. He also has the sweetest most gentle personality. Looking forward getting some real nice foals from him. He'll be old enough to breed next summer so I'm hoping to have some Shooter foals on the ground by spring of 2011.



Color: Dark Brown
Mature Height: 32.25

Sire: Wee Friends Farm Jack Pot, 31" (dark brown)
Grand Sire: Glacier Springs Sam, 33" (dark brown)
Grand Dam: S.S. Melissa, 31.50" (dark brown)


Dam: Wee Friends Farm Sugar Baby, 31" (black)
Grand Sire: Miniature N. Dudley, 29" (white)
Grand Dam: Wee Friends Farm Snicker, 34.50" (brown)

I purchased Primetime as a yearling in the summer of 2002 from Wee Friends Farm. He has filled out in the last year and has turned into a very beautiful jack. He has good conformation and the personality to go with it. He's a very gentle and friendly little guy not only towards people, but also towards his jennets. With his good conformation and personality and the variety of color as well as small size in his pedigree, he should produce some very nice foals in the future.

Scarlet Bellmore/Owner
14228 Road 100
Nunn, Colorado 80648

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