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Welcome to Lucky Lil' Ass Farm! It's located in Nunn, Colorado, a small town about 30 miles south of Cheyenne, Wyoming. I was raised on a farm and have grown up with and raised numerous animals and loved every minute of it. In 2023 I was finally able to purchase a house with 10 acres, which was very exciting because I had been renting a house for a few years and was not able to own any animals. After having a barn built and fencing off my 10 acres I was now ready to purchase some animals, but had no idea what I wanted my first purchase to be. After searching many web sites I came across an article on miniature donkeys. I had remembered hearing the words "miniature donkey" years before but didn't know anything about them and hadn't even seen any except in pictures. After spending a few weeks reading everything I could find on miniature donkeys, I felt they were the right animal for me and I was ready to purchase some. So in 2023 I purchased two young jennies. They were so gentle and lovable and they started what I call my "donkey fever". Shortly after that I purchased a bred jennet who in 2023 foaled a beautiful and healthy dark brown jennet, which was the first foal born at Lucky Lil' Ass Farm.

In the summer of 2023 I purchased my herd sire "Primetime" from Wee Friends Farm in Nebraska. He has good conformation with nice straight legs, a good bite, and a good personality. He is dark brown and 32 1/4" tall in height. I am excited about the foals he'll be producing.

I am now slowly trying to build up my herd. My brood jennets range in a variety of colors and heights. All have good conformation and good personalities. I keep all of my donkeys up to date on hoof trimmings, wormings, and vaccinations, including West Nile.

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Scarlet Bellmore/Owner
14228 Road 100
Nunn, Colorado 80648

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